Azure Sessions

Microsoft Cloud is the most trusted and comprehensive public cloud and Azure is the foundation – from the infrastructure running the cloud, to the databases and intelligence to the innovative apps our customers build. Cloud has been the biggest and most disruptive force in the tech market over the past 18 years and adoption is accelerating. Most customers rely on cloud technology as their base for digital transformation and according to The Economist, 72% of orgs reported their industry’s pace of digital transformation has accelerated in recent years. By bringing together the power of the Azure portfolio – Infrastructure, Data & AI, Digital & Application Innovation, and Security – we help you accelerate your digital transformation and transform your business.

App Innovation

Drive cloud-native application engagements with customers who build scalable apps, such as online retail platforms, e-Learning platforms, government services, and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Applications that leverage containers and Kubernetes could be greenfield applications (cloud-native), built from the ground up on top of microservices, or existing applications being modernized while moving them into containers. Make sure to review the “Modernize .Net & Java apps with PaaS, low-code and managed databases” checklist for modernizing applications into containers.
Session 1: Cloud Native Applications on Azure

Join us on an overview journey of our cloud native applications on Azure across APIs, Microservices, Containers, and DevOps. You’ll understand our key differentiators broken up by Speed of Innovation, Reliability, and Security at scale. Followed by a walk-through of common cloud native scenarios including modernize business critical applications, SaaS delivery, real-time telemetry, and Geo-distributed applications with customer stories to bring them to life.

Session 2: Microsoft Power Apps Technical Deep Dive

Explore how the technical capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps will accelerate your processes and turn your employees into citizen developers. You will learn how Power Apps allows citizen and pro developers alike to enable low-code innovation in your organization and transform your business faster than ever before.

Data and AI

Data is the new gold. But it’s not easy to get value from it due to complexity, costs and performance constraints.

Session 1: Azure Data Estate Modernization

A modern data estate is crucial for digital transformation. This session covers the value of a modern data estate and factors organizations should consider as they modernize on-premises, modernize to Azure, or modernize their analytics. Take a look how Azure data services are essential at every stage of an organization’s data journey. You will find customer stories embedded throughout each scenario to provide relevant scenarios per industry.

Session 2: Azure AI

AI is omnipresent. In this session we will provide an overview of Microsoft Azure AI and demonstrates Microsoft tools, services and infrastructure that can help make AI real for your organization whether you are looking to build AI apps and agents, unlock latent data with knowledge mining or develop your own AI models with Machine Learning.

Modernize Your Infrastructure and Workloads

Azure’s Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions broaden migration opportunities and give customer new possibilities to innovate anywhere, across on-premises, multi-cloud and edge environment.

Session 1: Azure Migration and Modernization Overview

Customers are making unified decisions about cloud migration and modernization as they seek to reimagine their businesses going forward. This session provides an overview of the triggers to migrating and modernizing to the cloud and why Azure is the best destination for ALL workloads. We also explore in detail key migration and modernization scenarios across apps, data, and infrastructure. And key investments – guidance, programs, and tools to help you move with confidence.

Session 2: Azure Hybrid Cloud

Customers are seeing real business value from running hybrid clouds spanning public cloud, local datacenters and edge computing. Azure is the only consistent and comprehensive hybrid cloud in the market. This session gives a high-level overview on how you can take advantage of the broad set of Azure hybrid capabilities across apps, data, networking, identity, security and management.

What our participants say

“Great event and really enjoyed the flow of the conversation. Starting with how Microsoft saw success within the organization and how other companies can leverage the same principles, tech, and processes to be successful.”

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