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Intelligent Cloud Detailed Agenda

Session Details

Your Digital Transformation

Everywhere you turn, digital transformation is happening. But what is digital, exactly, and what does it encompass?

Azure Overview

Turn your idea into a new app, reimagine an existing system, or create a hybrid cloud application with confidence, no matter the platform or where you are on the journey to the cloud.

Security for your Digital Transformation

We provide a secure solution and support organizations to face challenges that enhance the risk of significant financial loss, damage to market reputation and customer satisfaction.

Hybrid Cloud - IT Management

The cloud isn’t just about bits and bytes, it’s a mindset–it’s a way of transforming your business.

Modern Business Intelligence

Data drives insights. Insights drives decisions. Having analytical capabilities such as Power BI ensure you, as a decision maker, have the right data at the right time to improve decision making and identify opportunities for cost savings, process optimization, and revenue enhancement.

Demo: Digital Transformation in Real Life

Discover how Digital Transformation can empower businesses with real life examples and learn about new features on the Digital Transformation hub

Application Modernization Innovation

Microsofts App Modernization is a great way to start moving your apps to the cloud. We don’t just do a lift and shift—we help that your Azure app is aligned to your business goals.

Big Data + Data Warehouse

The big data and data warehousing platform enables seamless real-time insights across all data sources within your enterprise to thrive your business.

Azure IoT

The proliferation of IoT offers tremendous opportunity both to dramatically improve existing processes, and to create new business models and revenue streams.

AI for All

Innovate with AI everywhere, in the cloud, at edge and on-premises.

Customer Success with Azure (Program Support)

Choosing the right migration approach for different applications in your portfolio can help you extract maximum value from cloud-enabled and innovative technologies.

How Microsoft Supports your Digital Transformation

Understand Microsoft’s vision of an Intelligent Cloud and Digital Transformation, and how we can help your company be most successful as you embark on your digital transformation journey.