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How to navigate short and long-term desktop and app virtualization needs

Session Details

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Overview

Introduction to Windows Virtual Desktop and the topic of virtualizing desktops and apps with a brand-new service on Azure. Learn how the service helps customers migrate and modernize the desktop and app virtualization workloads on Azure with simplified management, a new Windows 10 multi-session capability, and more.

Azure Migration Overview

This session provides an overview of the Azure migration journey to move apps, data, and infrastructure to Azure. The session covers the range of migration strategies to migrate and modernize apps and what to expect after the migration. The session will highlight recommended process and tools to successfully migrate to Azure.

Azure Monitor

This session will provide a high-level overview of the monitoring capabilities that is necessary for customers to successfully run Azure or hybrid production workloads. The session will cover end to end monitoring – from monitoring infrastructure such as virtual machines, containers and storage to identifying slow requests and issues with the code in a newly deployed distributed cloud application. Customers will also get an overview of the built-in analytics capabilities and introduction to concepts such AIOps that is changing the monitoring landscape.