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Run adaptive business operations

Enable impacted businesses to onboard Microsoft technology to connect digitally with customers and realize value fast.

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Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps enterprises increase the speed of doing business by enabling people to make smarter decisions with access to real-time insights and intelligence on nearly any device, anywhere. Business can design their processes faster so they can innovate and get quick time value, while also being flexible in scaling operations to meet their business needs.

Manage Financial Risk & Reduce Fraud

Manage Financial Risk & Reduce Fraud enables organizations to optimize financial operations by predicting future cash flow trends and make data-driven decisions with AI-powered cash flow forecasting. Organizations are able to protect their revenue by minimizing loss in revenue due to payment fraud, associated operations costs and wrongful rejections with purchase protection capability. Further, it can help protect their business reputation and impact to revenue because of account creation/takeover fraud using account protection capability in an AI powered Fraud Protection solution. By proactively managing credit and collections, streamlining processes, and ensuring continued regulatory compliance, organizations can adapt quickly and reduce costs in the current business climate.

Build a Resilient Supply Chain

Build a Resilient Supply Chain enables organizations to adapt to disruptions successfully. It ensures business continuity during distress. It provides them end to end visibility of their supply chain to make data driven decisions as supposed to emotionally driven decisions on demand and supply in a crisis. Companies can return to normal and ramp up faster due to the agility in planning, sourcing and distribution processes driven by non-monolithic business solutions and de-risk from future disruptions. With a resilient supply chain, organizations are better equipped to generate positive cash flow by optimizing resources, stay profitable, retain market share, and remain competitive.