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Modern Workplace Detailed Agenda

Session Details

Your Digital Transformation
Digital transformation represents the opportunity for businesses to think and operate like digital companies in the way they engage their customers, optimize their operations and transform their products.
Envisioning the Modern Workplace
Customers are invited to view Microsoft 365, and how M365 will help you achieve even more through the integrated solution of Windows, Office, and EMS.
Security for your Digital Transformation
Committed to protecting our customers, we have built a culture of strong privacy principles and security practices. Topics discussed cover the breadth of security and privacy in the cloud and how Microsoft works to protect customer data.
Modern Collaboration
Modern Collaboration offers a rich discussion for all customers including industry trends, productivity value areas, enterprise grade cloud (security and compliance), services lifecycle and future investments.
Demo: The Modern Workplace
Experience first-hand how we are creating the most “Modern Workplace”, allowing you to better communicate, collaborate, and stay productive in a seamless story-driven demo.
Hub for Teamwork
Easily create a team, chat in channels, 1:1 and in small groups, share files, conduct meetings and soon use as your enterprise voice system. Learn how to do all of this with an introduction to Teams, live product demonstrations, and optional case studies.
Collaboration at Microsoft
Learn how we enable our employees and partners, and how we use organizational policy, tooling, Office 365, and Azure Active Directory to help manage, govern, and protect our data in a highly collaborative environment.
Organizational Readiness and Adoption
Whether your employees are getting up to speed on the latest upgrade or learning a completely new way to work, we can customize an organizational readiness and adoption offering to fit your business goals.
Intelligent Insights from Office 365
Workplace Analytics leverages Office 365 metadata to show business leaders how their people spend time and collaborate internally and externally. MyAnalytics generates powerful insights based on Exchange data to help individuals be more effective at work.
Business Value Programs
Business Value Programs focus on the value of Microsoft 365, its business benefits, and cost savings based on your specific industry scenario. Through integrated tools and hands-on opportunities, Business Value Programs will show the value of using Microsoft 365.
How to Implement this Future Workplace
Microsoft FastTrack customers can request onboarding to receive remote and personalized assistance. Our FastTrack engineers will help you plan your Microsoft 365 project, assess your technical environment, provide remediation guidance and migrate data to Office 365.​
How Microsoft Supports your Digital Transformation
Understand Microsoft’s vision of a Modern Workplace and Digital Transformation and how we can help your company be most successful as you embark on your digital transformation journey.