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Business Applications Detailed Agenda

Session Details

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation with Microsoft Business Applications
In this session you will have an overview of Microsoft’s business applications strategy and key differentiators to enable your Digital Transformation journey. You will have a clear understanding of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 and our Business Applications Power platform products.
Drive Sales Productivity with Relationship Selling & Predictive Insights
We will discuss how Relationship Selling leverages intelligent tools that empower modern sellers to find the right decision makers, offer recommendations based on actual customer needs, and build personalized one-on-one relationships at scale. We will discuss unifying data from multiple sources—including LinkedIn, customer engagement data points, and productivity data from Office 365.
Modernize your Customer Service Experience
We will talk about how Microsoft Business Solutions can help companies and brands build loyalty and advocacy by delivering effortless service experiences. This session is for customers looking to modernize their customer service offerings to achieve better agent productivity that will translate into lower operational costs, faster resolution times, fewer escalations, and quicker onboarding.
Actionable Intelligence from your Microsoft Business Solutions
Organizations need to build a data culture through democratizing access to data so that everyone across the organization can extract insights from data and drive action, using Power BI.
Microsoft Cloud Security Strategy
We provide a secure solution and support organizations to face challenges that enhance the risk of significant financial loss, damage to market reputation and customer satisfaction.
Demo: Digital Transformation in Real Life
We will demonstrate how Dynamics 365 empowers customers and agents with the tools they need to ensure quick and accurate resolutions, every time. We will also cover how Microsoft offers integrated solutions to deliver predictive and intelligent customer services.
Drive Innovation with Connected Field Services & IoT
What are the challenges and opportunities field services organizations are facing and how can IoT help? This session will provide our vision and solution to such organizations, a glimpse into the roadmap and examples of how we, with our partners, have helped field services customers transform their business.
Finance & Operations Modernization
What are the latest ERP business trends? What are some of the challenges customers are facing who are running legacy, on-premise ERP solutions? Why should you invest in a new cloud ERP solution, such as Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations? We will present our answers and insights to those questions, as well as how to help you on your Digital Transformation path.
Business Applications Power Platform (BI, Flow, Apps)
Data drives insights. Insights drives decisions. Having analytical capabilities such as Power BI ensure you, as a decision maker, have the right data at the right time to improve decision making and identify opportunities for cost savings, process optimization, and revenue enhancement.
Empowering Transformation with Microsoft Azure AI
Innovate with AI everywhere, in the cloud, at edge and on-premises.
How to Get the Best Benefit out of these Solutions
Our mission as a company ”to help every individual and business on the planet achieve more” — is not only about the products we create, but how we enable customers to get the most value out of those products. We’ve designed programs to help businesses realize business value faster with the Microsoft Cloud – leveraging these programs and our partners’ community.
How Microsoft Supports your Digital Transformation
The Digital Transformation is here. What are the next steps? Let’s outline some of the Microsoft programs that can help you on your way.