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Activate Digital Selling

Empower organizations to provide an end-to-end digital buying experience across every stage of the customer journey, from demand response to transaction

Session Details

Activate Digital Selling

Microsoft Executives share insights on Microsoft sales transformation journey as the company shifted from a license-based to a cloud consumption-based core business. The core challenge was – how to increase velocity and scale of sales in a cloud world? They will highlight the AI technologies being used including Dynamics 365 Sales Insights which will revolutionize the way companies sell in a digital-first way.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a marketing automation solution that helps businesses turn prospects into business relationships. This is more suited for companies that want to expand beyond basic email marketing and need capabilities like multi-channel campaigns with personalized buyers’ journey, lead management, event management, and marketing insights. These growing businesses don’t need enterprise level marketing capabilities to run advertisements, global high-volume campaigns to more than 1M contacts, video marketing or need highly advanced analytics. Dynamics 365 for Marketing is built on the same platform as Dynamics 365 for Sales which helps connect sales and marketing with common information, connected business processes and Office 365 Collaboration.

Generate Value with Proactive Insights

Successful organizations today must be proactive when assessing the current market opportunity and economic climate. Proactivity allows for decision makers to take advantage of key insights and forecasts to help anticipate customer needs and demand. The combination of Power BI and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows companies to take advantage of data unification, the ability to glean more from their data, and to gather intuitive insights.