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Surface for Higher Education

Surface and Microsoft 365 give people the freedom learn from anywhere.

Session Details

Voice of the customer
Desktop computers are a major impediment for higher education institutions on their quest to deliver modern education. Adopting a wide range of Surface devices, universities can empower their educators to deliver more engaging classes, as it grants similar flexibility to students. And with the COVID-19 crisis forcing a sudden shift to remote teaching, the familiarity and flexibility of Surface and Microsoft 365 helps universities deliver connected, high-quality learning scenarios. Hear from our customers about how they have rolled out this flexible and accessible learning environment with Microsoft Surface Devices core to their Technology strategy.
Surface Hub 2S
As we re-imagine the post covid-19 campus few technologies open up possibilities the way Surface Hub 2S does. Surface Hub 2S can plug into a wide array of scenarios across your campus, helping to enable innovative remote, hybrid, and hybrid flexible (HyFlex) learning. In this session we will demo Surface Hub 2S and cover examples of the scenarios we are most commonly seeing this technology being utilized to enhance the teaching and learning experience.
Sustainability - carbon credits and confirmed residual value
Two distinct trends in the market are (1) greater consideration around sustainability and (2) Increased options and innovation in the area of device financing/leasing. As sustainability becomes ever more important, hardware decisions and their lifecycle management can be an important consideration. Surface devices produce a smaller carbon footprint throughout the product life cycle than alternative devices. Equally in a world of innovation from a device financing and leasing perspective Surface Devices have an advantage as they hold their residual value better than alternative devices.