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CDO Briefing

Build AI powered apps, unlock latent data, or develop your own AI models!

Session Details

Chief Data Officer : Top of Mind
Hear from Senior Executives from our Data & AI business how Microsoft can support you on your data driven transformation. They are sharing their perspective on what they see as Top of Mind for CDO’s and how to think about leveraging data to drive the next evolution of your business.
Microsoft’s Data Transformation
Microsoft has undergone its own transformation, leveraging Data & AI to drastically change the way our sales force use datadriven insights to change the way we understand and engage our customers. We will share our efforts in this area, why we undertook this transformation, the technologies we deployed to make it possible and the outcomes this change benefitted the
way we do business.
Governance and Data Security
Governance and Data Security is a key concern as we enrich and extend our data foot-print into the Cloud. Senior leaders from our WW Engineering team will share our perspective on how to navigate governance and security as you transform.
Data in Action
Microsoft’s own Finance team’s embrace of digital transformation: Four key areas of Finance that have been modernized, including Financial Analysis & Reporting, Strategy and Forecasting, Business Process Automation and Risk Management.