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Head of Sales Briefing

Performance and effectiveness are primary pain points for sales management as Sales is changing dramatically, with technology a notable disruptor leading to more empowered customers.

Session Details

Sales Director: Top of Mind
The coronavirus has accelerated enduring trends, such as the growing reliance on sales technology, data insights, and building trusted virtual relationships. Based on LinkedIn’s recent ‘The State of Sales’ research, we will examine emerging trends driven by Covid, such as the move to digital selling, a preference for digital over traditional interactions by customers and the intent to ‘remain digital’ by many organisations once Covid has passed.
How Microsoft Transformed their Digital Sales Organization?
Senior Microsoft Executives will discuss how Microsoft has pivoted from a traditional salesforce to a virtual salesforce in its mid-market customer segment. Senior Executives will cover how Microsoft has developed Digital Sales from the ground up in three years using a combination of technology and change management to drive a high performing Sales culture.
How Microsoft created smarter tools for Digital Sellers?
As a result of its own Sales transformation, Microsoft is increasingly leveraging data insights and artificial intelligence to drastically change the way sellers use data-driven insights to understand and engage customers.
We will take a look into the technologies that Microsoft has built and provides to Sales teams to underpin a successful virtual sales engine as well as ‘Daily Recommender’, an AI-based tool which combines marketing and sales insights to enable sellers to prioritise customer conversations in ‘real time’