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Data & AI

Data is the new gold. But it’s not easy to get value from it due to complexity, costs and performance constraints.

Session Details

Azure Data Estate Modernization

A modern data estate is crucial for digital transformation. This session covers the value of a modern data estate and factors organizations should consider as they modernize on-premises, modernize to Azure, or modernize their analytics. This session provides an overview of Azure data services at every stage of an organization’s data journey. You will find customer stories embedded throughout each scenario to provide relevant scenarios per industry.

Azure Cloud Scale Analytics

In this session, you will learn how you can convert any kind of data into insights using BI & Reporting, Advanced Analytics and Real Time Analytics, depending on where you are in their data journey. It will help customers understand how they can build a modern data warehouse for all their structured and unstructured data to support current and future workloads and ensure concurrency without performance contention, enabling the flexibility and agility needed to adapt to evolving demands. The session will help customers understand the right path for their big data warehouse – and key use cases: BI & Reporting, Advanced Analytics & Real Time Analytics.

Azure AI

This session provides an overview of Microsoft Azure AI and demonstrates Microsoft tools, services and infrastructure that can help make AI real for your organization whether you are looking to build AI apps and agents, unlock latent data with knowledge mining or develop your own AI models with Machine Learning.