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Cloud Economics

Discover financial and economic benefits you can achieve throughout your Finance Team transformation journey

Session Details

CFO Top of Mind in the new Normal

As many CFOs face what could be the toughest test of their careers, critical topics around managing talent, rebuilding operations, forecasting and scenario planning, risk management and accelerating digital transformation will be top of mind as they navigate organisations beyond Covid-19. Hear what Microsoft believes will be top of CFO agendas as the world exits COVID and builds for the future.

Modern Finance Overview

Learn about the three core benefits of moving to cloud: economic benefits, financial benefits, and IT business transformation benefits. Economic benefits are the principles that shift when you go from an on-prem architecture to a cloud architecture. Financial benefits are the structural financial changes that occur when shifting to the cloud. At its core we are able to reduce our fixed costs and have a more dynamic and appropriate financial environment. IT & Business transformation is tied strongly to the agility and personnel productivity to drive additional business value for a customer.

Business Value of Azure Migration

This session explores the economics of Azure solutions and articulates the potential value/benefits that you can achieve from your Azure investments/initiatives. Learn how you will reduce your Capex and make the most out of your Capex.