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Cloud Economics

Focus on value and reduce your costs in these uncertain macroeconomic times

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Microsoft Azure

Meeting your business and budget needs has always been a priority for us. We make this possible through unique offers, transparent and competitive pricing, and free cost management tools. Azure is the most cost-effective cloud for Windows Server and SQL Server with offers like Azure Hybrid Benefit and free extended security updates. Lower your migration costs and risk through best practice guidance with the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, expert assistance with the Azure Migration Program, and free cost optimization tools.

Microsoft 365 & Surface

Standalone services can address a wide range of top IT business needs. These range from analytics, meetings & calling, compliance, security, and include many others. No matter if your organization has been using a service for years—or even for just a few months—you may be asking yourself, “why force change?” One of the biggest reasons is that Microsoft regularly introduces new services in the cloud. Without access to these innovations, customers using add-on services can quickly fall behind their competitors, Consolidating standalone cloud services into a single platform can help drive competitive edge by improving productivity, supporting employee efficiency, and by driving down user costs.

Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

From sales, to finance, to talent management and more, customers need a deep understanding of their business in order to succeed – not just in one department, but across everything. With Dynamics 365, we have the unique ability to bring together data from virtually any source, whether it’s a Microsoft system or not and bring it into this connected digital feedback loop.