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Industry 4.0

Azure IoT offers a broad set of technologies that spans devices, data, and services, and runs at the edge and in the cloud

Session Details

Azure AI

This session provides an overview of Microsoft Azure AI and demonstrates Microsoft tools, services and infrastructure that can help make AI real for your organization whether you are looking to build AI apps and agents, unlock latent data with knowledge mining or develop your own AI models with Machine Learning.

Azure IoT

This session covers a high-level overview of IoT and demonstrates how Microsoft is the industry leader in IoT and offers the best and most comprehensive portfolio to enable digital transformation. This session explains the complexities of IoT and how Microsoft is simplifying the approach to realizing the business benefits from IoT and how to get started on the journey, no matter where you are.

Microsoft in Manufacturing

Discover Microsoft’s unique point of view on intelligent manufacturing and how we are enabling manufacturers to grow their business by focusing on four key topics – empowering their workforce, delivering new services, optimizing digital operations and reimagining the future of manufacturing focused on customer, employee, and social outcomes.