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Bringing together trusted and integrated cloud capabilities to deliver better experiences, insights, and better care

Session Details

Modern Workplace in Healthcare

Show how health customer feedback has led to the improved Windows 10, a mobility-enhanced operating system for the Health industry. Discuss how customers can extend their existing investments to manage new mobility scenarios, and demonstrate how Windows 10 applications and devices can play a role. This briefing also provides opportunities to discuss how Windows 10 devices enable customers to run their existing EMR and other applications on the same device, bridging the world between their current infrastructure and applications and new, modern Windows 10 touch-based applications. Presentation does not include deep technical exploration of products or solutions.

Security and Compliance in Healthcare

Earning and keeping patient trust is essential, and the reputational risk of a data breach is enormous. Patient data is under assault from a wide array of threats. Vulnerabilities include external attacks, internal attacks, and inadvertent leakage. Learn how Microsoft 365 can help protect sensitive health information and help healthcare organizations keep up with regulatory compliance.

Intelligent Cloud in Health

Digitization of health information is soaring, particularly in the areas of electronic health records (EHRs), storage of images, e-prescriptions, patient admissions, registration, and scheduling. That’s why health organizations worldwide are making the journey to the trusted cloud today. This session will discuss how Microsoft can help empower your organization to painlessly make the journey to the trusted cloud at your own pace, where you can use it in innovative ways—for everything from securely hosting patient records to gaining new business intelligence from your data.