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Digital Revenue Streams

Create new revenue streams through a transformation to Software as a Service using the most proven and trusted platform from a partner with unmatched experience at scale.

Session Details

Build with Microsoft to stay ahead
Innovation does not occur at once nor is it defined by a single decision, it is a journey, and it is important you choose a platform from a company who can bring years of first-hand experience in helping customers navigate this path. Microsoft runs many of the largest Software as a Service solutions on the planet and supporting customers with the same platform we run our solutions on is part of the ethos driven directly from our CEO. Let us help you define, build, and expand your business with the best of Microsoft.
Every company is an ISV
For many customers, the business model is changing, and it requires new or different revenue streams to succeed. This discussion will encompass how companies are utilizing this new model to strengthen their current revenue streams and build new revenue streams for additional customer value. The content will be at a high level from a technical standpoint but will dive into several technical areas of which business leaders should be aware as they will be key to the products they drive. We’ll discuss how architecture decisions impact unit-economics, how to plan for the unexpected, how to control costs at scale, monetization of data, and many others key topics critical for companies on this journey.
Investments for Value
Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help provide business and technical value to companies looking to build and scale cloud-native solutions through our direct Azure Engineering support for ISVs, our global teams of Cloud Solution Architects, and our worldwide Microsoft One Commercial Partner organization.