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CFO Briefing

Hear to what Microsoft believes is at the top of CFO agendas as the world exits COVID and builds for the future

Session Details

CFO - Top of Mind Beyond COVID
As many CFOs face what could be the toughest test of their careers, critical topics around managing talent, rebuilding operations, forecasting and scenario planning, risk management and accelerating digital transformation will be top of mind as they navigate organizations beyond Covid-19. Hear what Microsoft believes will be top of CFO agendas as the world exits COVID and builds for the future.
Cloud Economics – The Financial Benefits of Moving to The Cloud
Learn about the three core benefits of moving to cloud: economic benefits (shift from on-prem to a cloud architecture), financial benefits (reducing fixed costs), and IT business transformation benefits (increased productivity and business value).
Future Finance – From a Customer/Partner Perspective (PWC)
COVID has the potential to accelerate the Future of Finance. Hear how PWC defines Future Finance, covering topics including using Advanced Analytics and Insights, the future Finance workforce, Process Excellence and Automation.
Four Key Areas - Microsoft’ Finance Transformation
Microsoft’s own Finance team’s embrace of digital transformation: Four key areas of Finance that have been modernized, including Financial Analysis & Reporting, Strategy and Forecasting, Business Process Automation and Risk Management.