Data and AI & Infrastructure Sessions

Microsoft Cloud is the most trusted and comprehensive public cloud and Azure is the foundation – from the infrastructure running the cloud, to the databases and intelligence to the innovative apps our customers build. Cloud has been the biggest and most disruptive force in the tech market over the past 18 years and adoption is accelerating. Most customers rely on cloud technology as their base for digital transformation and according to The Economist, 72% of orgs reported their industry’s pace of digital transformation has accelerated in recent years. By bringing together the power of the Azure portfolio – Infrastructure, Data & AI, Digital & Application Innovation, and Security – we help you accelerate your digital transformation and transform your business.

Azure AI

Transforming businesses with powerful AI solutions – Azure AI empowers innovation

Session 1: Azure OpenAI - Making it a reality for our customers

Fine-tune language models to your specific needs for a variety of use cases, from summarization to content and code generation. Detect and mitigate harmful use with built-in responsible AI controls and access enterprise-grade security, available only on Azure.

Session 2: Responsible AI

This session provides an overview into Microsoft’s principles for responsible use of AI and related technologies. The session will frame Microsoft’s vision of amplifying human ingenuity with AI, together with a candid discussion of the underlying ethical challenges these technologies pose, including the need to consider fairness, transparency, accountability, and respect for individual privacy. The session will use real world examples to provide elevated guidance on how to approach responsible design, development, and use of AI.

Power Business Decisions with Cloud Scale Analytics

Unlock the Power of Your Data: Achieve Unified Data Governance with Azure Purview

Session 1: Winning with Analytics and Governance

An organization’s growth ultimately depends on data at its core.​ Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform empowers organizations to invest more time creating value rather than integrating and managing their data estate. Accelerate innovation, achieve agility, and build on a trusted platform with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.

Session 2: Unified Data Governance with Azure Purview

Azure Purview is a unified data governance service that helps our customers to maximize the business value of data. Azure Purview enables customers to automate scanning and classification of hybrid data at scale. It empowers business and technical data analysts, data scientists and data engineers with trustworthy, valuable data via Purview Data Catalog.

Modernize Your Infrastructure and Workloads

Innovate faster with a fully manageable platform

Session 1: Azure Migration and Modernization Overview

Customers are making unified decisions about cloud migration and modernization as they seek to reimagine their businesses going forward. This session provides an overview of the triggers to migrating and modernizing to the cloud and why Azure is the best destination for ALL workloads. We also explore in detail key migration and modernization scenarios across apps, data, and infrastructure. And key investments – guidance, programs, and tools to help customers move with confidence.

Session 2: Azure Arc and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Customers tell us they need a consistent and comprehensive solution. They need to know their investment is going to work across a wide range of assets, from servers, to cloud native technologies and in a wide variety of places, like multicloud to datacenters to branch offices or factory floors. Our approach to help you be successful in hybrid and multicloud is to enable the Azure platform to be available wherever you need it.

Migrate SAP

Unlock Your Business’s Potential: Migrate and Modernize with Azure

Session 1: Azure Migration and Modernization

Customers are choosing cloud migration and modernization to transform their businesses. This session highlights the reasons behind this decision and emphasizes Azure as the optimal cloud destination for all workloads. It covers migration and modernization scenarios for applications, data, and infrastructure, along with the necessary guidance, programs, and tools to ensure a smooth transition.

Session 2: SAP on the Microsoft Cloud

This session enables customers to transform their SAP landscape using Microsoft Azure. It is suitable for a blend of Business Decision Makers (BDMs) and IT Decision Makers (ITDMs). Optionally, Microsoft IT speakers can share insights from managing Microsoft’s extensive SAP landscape in Azure, which is recommended for a combination of ITDMs and IT implementers.

What our participants say

“Great event and really enjoyed the flow of the conversation. Starting with how Microsoft saw success within the organization and how other companies can leverage the same principles, tech, and processes to be successful.”

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